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Brack Insurance offers a Full Range of Insurance Products to Concord, NH Clients

Common customers don’t know the difference between certain lines of insurance and what each provides. Brack Insurance is Concord NH’s first for home insurance. In addition to home insurance, Brack Insurance supplies personal lines insurance–a type of insurance that provides financial protection for individuals and families against losses caused by events that could potentially affect their lifestyle or financial security. This type of insurance covers individuals and families against damage to property, liability, and medical expenses. In addition to providing Concord, NH customers with home insurance, other common types include auto insurance and boat insurance.

At Brack Insurance, Your Concord, NH Family is Our Family

Brack Insurance represents the realization of Albert Brack’s lifelong dream. Having worked for several years on the carrier side, he decided that he could best service his clients as an independent agent. In 2015, he realized his dream of owning his own independent insurance agency–Brack Insurance. Al’s passion for protecting his clients’ most valuable assets and witnessing firsthand the peace of mind that insurance affords, proved contagious; his son Brendan Brack, a current Air National Guard member developed an equal passion for helping families in and around Concord, NH protect what is often their most valuable asset: their home. For their family-first mentality and broad knowledge of the insurance industry, Brack Insurance has become Concord, NH’s preferred provider of home insurance, as well as other personal lines products.

Concord, NH Families Trust Independent Agents

Unless they have specific training in the insurance industry, most Concord, NH families do not know the difference between direct writers and independent agents. The independent agents at Brack Insurance work independently to provide home insurance and other types of services to their Concord, NH consumers. Unaffiliated with a single insurance provider, Al and Brendan Brack deliver customized plans to their clients by offering a variety of products from many different companies. Assessing each clients’ insurance needs and providing them with professional advice, quotes, and policy options from which to choose, Al and Brendan Brack deliver to put the client at the center of every transaction. Moreover, they aim to educate their clients in order to ensure that each client knows the entire range of options when it comes to home and other types of insurance and the relative merits of each one.

The Brack family takes pride in protecting New Hampshire’s families. Call, email, or visit our Penacook location to find your customized insurance solution.